Your WBNL Wanderers’ Club Benefits Include:

Social Media Made Easy!

WBNL 365, a Wanderers’ Club Exclusive, was created to take the marketing burden & research off your list.  We deliver social media posts & images you can use across your online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram.  One for EVERY day!  Imagine the time you will save.

Trending Topics!

Our business building tips are designed to keep you connected & working on your business throughout the entire year.  A weekly combination of coaching | business strategies with the latest in social media, technology, & productivity, they will keep you moving toward your destination!

Stay Relevant!

Gain insights, valuable tips & best practices from top producing real estate agents & team leaders to experts on social media, technology for business, life balance & well-being. We are committed to delivering a topical workshop each month to keep you on track & ahead of the game.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips!

Since our launch in November of 2015, we’ve been developing and delivering daily, weekly, and monthly content – all of which is conveniently archived in our WBNL Vault for you to search, view, and put into practice.  It’s a never-ending process that will continue to grow.


Our Connecting Your Real Estate Course was designed to kick start your business.  Great for new agents and veterans alike.  Once you have mastered the fundamentals you’ll have a strong foundation for future growth!

Connecting Your Real Estate Business
Module 1: Your Business Plan & Goals As a business owner, it’s critical to have clearly defined goals and a written business plan. This module covers the three steps to a powerful real estate business plan. You will also learn how to customize the WBNL Coaching Business Plan template and all supporting documents and forms.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Write S.M.A.R.T. GOALS
  • Unit 3: Why Written Goals
  • Unit 4: Keys to an Achievable Outcome
  • Unit 5: How to Complete the WBNL Business Plan Template
  • Unit 6: Measure & Track Your Results
  • Unit 7: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 2: Your Business Purpose & Building Your Brand Create your business mantra and purpose statement. In this Module, we will discuss how to 1) Define Your Visual Brand 2) Manage Your Brand and 3) Build an enduring brand.

  • Unit 1: Define Your Business Purpose
  • Unit 2: Build Your Visual Brand
  • Unit 3: Manage Your Brand
  • Unit 4: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 3: Attracting Perfect Clients Define your perfect client then discover how to attract those perfect customers and clients for your business in this training module.

  • Unit 1: Applying the Law of Attraction
  • Unit 2: Defining Your Perfect Client
  • Unit 3: Strategic Attraction Planning Process
  • Unit 4: Create Your Strategic Attraction Plan
  • Unit 5: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 4: Build Your Database & Referrals Your database IS your business! This module covers all the key strategies for creating and maintaining your database of prospects, past clients and sphere of influence and how to generate more referrals.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Initial Steps to Set Up Your Database and CRM
  • Unit 3: Create & Implement Your Connection Plan
  • Unit 4: How to Get More Client Testimonials and Reviews
  • Unit 5: Advanced Referral Techniques
  • Unit 6: Always Be Connecting Mindset & Action Plan
  • Unit 7: Let’s Get to Work!
  • Bonus 1: The Four Key Past Client Connections
  • Bonus 2: Top Producer 8i Part 1
  • Bonus 3: Top Producer 8i Part 2

Module 5: Personality Styles, Communication Preferences & The Sales Cycle In this module, we review the four core personality styles and three primary communication preferences in people and how it translates to more sales and better customer service. It starts with understanding your styles and preferences first. Learn how to build rapport and communicate effectively with the different personality types.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: The Four Personality Types
  • Unit 3: Three Ways People Communicate
  • Unit 4: The DISC Profile
  • Unit 5: How to Work with the Four Personality Types
  • Unit 6: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Basics in Sales
  • Unit 7: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 6: Marketing, Advertising & Lead Generation Discover how to effectively market and advertise your business. Develop your marketing & advertising budget. Integrate the most effective offline marketing strategies. Learn the six C’s of lead generation. Best practices for offline lead generation. Keys to online lead generation (both free and paid).

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Six Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Unit 3: Four Pillars of Lead Gen & Three Types of Leads
  • Unit 4: Must Have Tools for Marketing & Lead Gen
  • Unit 5: Your CRM/Real Estate Software is Your Virtual Assistant
  • Unit 6: Choosing a Real Estate Website & How to Generate Leads
  • Unit 7: Landing Pages & Lead Generation
  • Unit 8: Traditional Marketing & Lead Gen Strategies
  • Unit 9: Farming is Not Just Geographic
  • Unit 10: Online Lead Generation
  • Unit 11: Six C’s of Converting Leads to Closings
  • Unit 12: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 7: Listings & Seller System Learn the best practices for obtaining more listings. Customize your Pre-Listing Package to send to sellers. Implement and refine your listing presentation, listing process, and follow-up system for working with sellers.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Attracting Sellers
  • Unit 3: Seller Lead Action Plan
  • Unit 4: The Pre-Listing Package
  • Unit 5: Conducting the Listing Presentation
  • Unit 6: Marketing & Servicing the Listing
  • Unit 7: Special Neighborhood Open House Preview
  • Unit 8: Home Staging Tips and Resources
  • Unit 8: Customize the Complete Listing System Procedures Guide
  • Unit 9: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 8: Buyer & Sales System Implement an effective system for working with buyers including how to find and qualify buyers, conducting the buyer’s consultation and the art of showing homes. Learn tips and tools for managing the transaction from sale to close of escrow.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Attracting Buyers
  • Unit 3: Know Your Market and Inventory
  • Unit 4: Make Your Open Houses Fun & Profitable
  • Unit 5: How to Convert Online Buyer Leads
  • Unit 6: Create Buyer Lead Action Plans (Top Producer)
  • Unit 7: Buyer Qualify & Consultation
  • Unit 8: The Art of Showing Homes
  • Unit 9: Customize the Complete Buyer System Procedures Guide
  • Unit 10: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 9: Real Estate Social Media Basics & Online Presence The focus and goal of this module is to help you set realistic goals for social media, decide which social sites you will use for business and guide you through critical steps to managing your online presence. Learn how to get more client reviews & recommendations on the key online sites. Practical application and tutorials for the primary social media platforms and how to leverage specific technology for business are located in our Connecting With Social Media & Technology Course.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Unit 3: Online Reputation Management (You Are Being Googled!)
  • Unit 4: How to Get More Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials
  • Unit 5: Optimize Your Zillow Profile & Request Reviews
  • Unit 6: Your Profile & .Realtor Website
  • Unit 7: Get Your Business on Google Search and Maps
  • Unit 8: Claiming Your Yelp Business Profile
  • Unit 8: Visual Content Marketing & Canva Tutorial
  • Unit 9: How to Use Buffer & Hootsuite to Manage Your Social Media
  • Unit 10: Tips on Writing a Great Bio
  • Unit 11: Let’s Get to Work!

Module 10: Business & Financial Essentials This module will show you how to structure and run your business as a true business. Learn the essential business and financial systems and practices you need in place that will allow you to create an exit strategy.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Fundamentals for Your Real Estate Business
  • Unit 3: Your Business Plan and Key Business Metrics
  • Unit 4: Essential Business Systems to Implement
  • Unit 5: Are You Ready to Hire an Assistant?
  • Unit 6: Exit Strategy Guide and Checklist
  • Unit 7: Let’s Get to Work!
Social Media and Tech!

Our Social Media and Tech Course is a must for any agent to ensure mastery of your online business.  Perfect for all agents.  Check back here often as online platforms are constantly changing and we’ll keep you ahead of the curve!

Social Media & Tech
Module 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  • Unit 1: Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Unit 2: Branded Cover Images for Social Media
  • Unit 3: The Social Media 30-30-5
  • Unit 4: Online Reputation Management (You Are Being Googled!)
  • Unit 5: Develop Your Hashtag Strategy for Business
  • Unit 6:  Understanding the Analytics
  • Unit 7: Our List of Top Social Media Marketing Resources

Module 2: Facebook for Business

  • Unit 1: Creating & Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page
  • Unit 2: How to Boost a Post & Create Seller Ads
  • Unit 3: Target Buyers Using the Power Editor
  • Unit 4: Facebook Live
  • Unit 5:  Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips

Module 3: Leveraging LinkedIn

  • Unit 1: How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile
  • Unit 2: LinkedIn Changes & The New Profile
  • Unit 3: Build Your Network with Strategic Connecting
  • Unit 4: LinkedIn Suite of Mobile Apps
  • Unit 5: LinkedIn Publisher Tutorial
  • Unit 6: Slideshare for Social Sharing

Module 4: Other Social Media Sites

  • Unit 1: Instagram For Real Estate
  • Unit 2: Instagram Live
  • Unit 3: Twitter for Real Estate
  • Unit 4: Advertising on Twitter
  • Unit 5: Snapchat
  • Unit 6: Pinterest

Module 5: Content Marketing

  • Unit 1: Why Content Marketing is Critical
  • Unit 2: How to Create Custom Images for Social Media and Your Marketing
  • Unit 3: Outsourcing Your Graphics & Marketing
  • Unit 4: Repurposing Your Content to Drive More Traffic
  • Unit 5: Content Marketing Calendar & Planning
  • Unit 6: Ideas for Content
  • Unit 7: How to Use Buffer & Hootsuite to Schedule Your Posts
  • Unit 8: Keys and Tools for eMail marketing

Module 6: Video Marketing

  • Unit 1: Video Creation Tips and Tricks
  • Unit 2: Content Ideas for Video
  • Unit 3: Tools to Edit Your Videos
  • Unit 4: Create a YouTube Channel
  • Unit 5: YouTube Live
  • Unit 6: Live Streaming with Instagram, Periscope, and Facebook
  • Unit 7: Repurpose Your Videos to Create Content

Module 7: Tech & Productivity Tools

  • Unit 1: Time-Blocking and Getting Things Done
  • Unit 2: Google Apps for Business
  • Unit 3: Google Drive for Business & Collaboration
  • Unit 4: Dropbox for Real Estate
  • Unit 5: Using Evernote for Business
  • Unit 6: How to Use Slack & Trello for Productivity
  • Unit 7: How to Be a Mobile/Paperless Agent

Module 8: Blogging for Business

  • Unit 1: Six Reasons to Become a Blogger
  • Unit 2: The Anatomy of a Blog
  • Unit 3: Finding Your Blog Voice
  • Unit 4: Types of Posts and Content Ideas
  • Unit 5: SEO Tips for Blog Posts
  • Unit 6: 16 Tips to Better Blogging
Get In Your Head & Then OUT!

Our Align, Connect, & Prosper Course helps you understand what makes you tick.  Once you have that knowledge you can better plan, organize, and execute everything in your business.  The final module in this course takes what you’ve learned & walks you down a business plan path.

Align, Connect, & Prosper
Module 1: Alignment and Focus

  • Living from Be-Do-Have
  • Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life and Business
  • Three Prerequisites for Change
  • Create Change with Focused Intention, Persistence, and Small Steps
  • Six Guideposts for Life & Business Success

Module 2: Connecting to Your Mind, Body & Soul

  • Are You Living a Life of Intention and Purpose?
  • Practices and Tools for Well-Being
  • Review of the Miracle Morning and Embracing Your Morning Ritual
  • Meditation for Busy People
  • Cultivating and Practicing Gratitude

Module 3: Personal Productivity & Success Strategies

  • Productivity Tips for Today’s Chaotic World
  • Productivity Tip: Focus on Doing One Thing at a Time
  • 4 Questions for Maximum Productivity
  • Getting Things Done: A Guide to Stress-Free Productivity
  • Do You Have These Three Traits for Business Success?
  • Master These Skills for Real Estate Success
  • Strategies to Thrive in Real Estate

Module 4: Resources for Business & Personal Growth

  • Top 10 Books for Business & Personal Development
  • E-Myth Principles- Run Your Business as a Business
  • Five Agreements to Transform Your Life
  • 5 Reasons to Listen to Podcasts
  • Get Up and Get Out More Often
  • Asking for Help – Hiring a Coach

Module 5: Creating Your Path to Success

  • Business Planning & Mindset Checkup
  • Reflection & Celebration of Your Year
  • My Path – A Guidebook to Success
Run Your Business Like A Business!

This 12-module course will give you a clear understanding of what it will take, but more importantly, it will help you assess if this is the right time for you to begin to build a team. Ultimately, the payoff for building a team is having a saleable asset – look at it as your retirement plan (It takes hard work though!)

Intro to Real Estate Team Building
Unit 1:  Two Critical Keys to Team Building   

Unit 2:  The Four Archetypes & How They Fit

Unit 3:  Agent Team Models – Which One Is Right For You? 

Unit 4:  Your Team Operations Manual is the Cornerstone   

Unit 5:  Three Phases to Hiring & Retaining Talent   

Unit 6:  Create Your Team Business Plan and Goals  

Unit 7:  Know Your Agent Attraction Value Proposition        

Unit 8:  Develop Your Affiliation Proposal     

Unit 9:  5 Creative Ways to Attract Team Agents      

Unit 10:  Your 90-Day Team Member Onboarding & Training Manual           

Unit 11: Your Culture is Your Best Attraction Magnet

Unit 12:  Build an Asset to Create Your Exit Strategy  

We have 2 membership options to choose from:

Basic Membership – Receive immediate access to our 3 Steps to a Powerful Real Estate Business Plan Course and our weekly WBNL 52 business and coaching tips delivered to your email inbox.

Wanderers’ Club –Receive all of the benefits of Membership including our WBNL 365 where you receive social media images and posts for every day of the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade after signing up from the basic (free) membership?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log in as a “basic” member, you will see a notice regarding your current membership and instructions on how to upgrade. Also, you can simply go to the Membership page on the site and make your payment.

Is membership included in your Coaching Packages?

Yes, when you sign up for individual or team coaching you also become a member of the Wanderers Club for life!  

What is your cancellation policy?

As our content is primarily digital delivery, we do not offer a refund.  The payment is a one time fee and gives you lifetime access to our content. 

Interested in Coaching?

Business coaching is proven to work when there are two factors present:

  1. You are willing to make changes in your professional or personal life
  2. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be

WBNL Coaching, we provide individual, customized coaching to develop and implement strategies to help our clients reach personally identified goals of enhanced business performance and/or personal satisfaction.  We believe in working with you on the “HOW” to make change happen including creating effective systems that work for you based on your preferences and style.  We take a hands-on approach to coaching and training to guide you to refine any existing system, leverage a tool you have or develop a system or process that’s missing in your business.

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